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Remember, you can show the Guidance Window at any time to have Dragon show you a list of things you can do.

Use Correction to teach Dragon to understand you better.

Just say Correct that or Correct <text> when Dragon misunderstands you, then choose the correct option from the Correction Window. Over time, Dragon will learn how you speak and what words you use.

Tip: Dragon works a little differently based on what application you’re dictating into. Check the Guidance Window for information about your current application, such as whether you can mix typing and dictating and whether Correction is available. For more information, see Mixing dictation with typing.

Dictation overview: Everything you ever wanted to know about how to dictate with Dragon.

Dragon does more than just dictation and transcription – you can also navigate and control your Mac and your applications.

Open the Commands window to see a complete list of Dragon commands. Just click the Dragon menu in the menu bar and select Show Commands…

Customize Dragon’s settings to get the most out of your experience. See Preferences window for more information.

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