Options dialog box—Playback/Text-to-speech tab

Use the Playback/Text-to-speech tab to change the attributes of text-to-speech and playback. Changing these options affects only the current user profile.

Option Description
Playback attributes

Sets playback volume, speed, and sound. The options are:

  • Playback volume—Sets the playback volume. Maximum value: 100.Default value: 100
  • Fast-forward volume—Sets the fast forward volume. Maximum value: 100. Default value: 100
  • Rewind volume—Sets the rewind volume. Maximum value: 100. Default value: 100
  • Playback speed—Sets the playback speed. Maximum value: 999. Default value: 100
  • Fast-forward speed—Sets the fast forward speed. Maximum value: 999. Default value: 150
  • Rewind speed—Sets the rewind speed. Maximum value: 999. Default value: 150
  • Play Rewind/Fast-Forward sound—If selected, Dragon plays a sound when you fast forward or rewind a selection. If deselected, Dragon does not play a sound.
Text-to-speech attributes

Sets text-to-speech attributes. The options are:

  • Volume—Sets text-to-speech playback volume.
  • Speed—Sets text-to-speech playback speed.
  • Pitch—Sets text-to-speech playback pitch.
  • Voice—Sets the voice used for text-to-speech playback.


Text-to-speech preview Enter or paste text to hear the text-to-speech playback.

Reading text

Click Read text to hear Dragon perform a sample reading of the text in the Preview box with the settings you selected.

Unloading text-to-speech

Click Unload text-to-speech to remove the text-to-speech engine from memory. Dragon loads the text-to-speech engine the first time you use a text-to-speech command after starting Dragon.

The text-to-speech engine should not affect performance, so generally you will not need to unload it.

Restoring default Playback/Text-to-speech tab options

Click Restore defaults.

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