Improving accuracy

There are many things you can do to improve Dragon's recognition accuracy. By helping Dragon to better understand you, you'll have fewer corrections to make during dictation. The best way to improve accuracy is to do the following:

  1. Read text and dictate it in any document.

    This can be any text, such as a newspaper article.

  2. Make corrections to the text by voice.

    For more information, see Correcting your dictation.

  3. Run Accuracy Tuning.

    For more information, see About Accuracy Tuning.

Here are other ways you can improve Dragon's accuracy:

  • Use the Accuracy Center. This provides tools and information you can use to improve Dragon's accuracy and ensure excellent recognition.

    For more information, see The Accuracy Center

  • Follow the dictation guidelines. For example, dictate using longer phrases and sentences to provide Dragon with more context.

    For more information, see Dictation guidelines.

  • Position your microphone properly. Proper microphone placement is important for optimal speech recognition.

    For more information, see Positioning your microphone properly.

  • Make corrections. Dragon learns from your corrections and uses the corrected words the next time you dictate them.

    For more information, see About correction.

  • Run accuracy tuning. This process refines your user profile by analyzing audio and text data that Dragon archives from your dictation. You must have dictated some text to run Accuracy Tuning.

    For more information, see About Accuracy Tuning.

  • Save your user profile. This saves what Dragon learns. Save your user profile when you correct dictation, or train words, or perform accuracy tuning.

    For more information, see Working with user profiles.

  • Train Dragon. There are several places for you to train Dragon on pronunciations, like the Spelling window, and when you add new words and phrases to your vocabulary.

    For more information, see Training Dragon.

  • Adjust the Speed vs. Accuracy setting. You can increase recognition accuracy by adjusting this setting.

    For more information, see Options dialog box—Miscellaneous page.

  • Use automatic formatting. This allows Dragon to format many text types automatically. It also allows Dragon to format specific words and phrases automatically according to your preferences.

    For more information, see About formatting text automatically.

  • Import a list of words or phrases. This is helpful for businesses where many people dictate the same names or words. It's also helpful when you need to customize your vocabulary with many new words.

    For more information, see Exporting and importing a list of custom words and phrases.

  • Allow Dragon to learn from specific documents. This tool analyzes your documents and allows you to add any new words found to your vocabulary. It also improves your accuracy by allowing Dragon to adapt to your writing style.

    For more information, see Learn from specific documents.

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