About Unknown text fields


An Unknown text field is an editable field where Dragon can’t synchronize audio and text, or know where words and sentences begin and end. In Unknown text fields, Dragon can’t provide its full dictation and editing capabilities.

PowerPoint slides and Word Online are examples of Unknown text fields.

When you dictate in an Unknown text field, the DragonBar's Full Text Control indicator is off (full text control off).

Dictating in Unknown text fields

You can dictate in Unknown text fields just as you would dictate in other fields. However, when you insert text, Dragon may not be able to adjust capitalization and spacing. To address this, you can say the Dictation Commands "Space" or "Cap <word>" as you dictate.

Commands available

The only commands that you can use in Unknown text fields are:

  • Dictation Commands, like "New Line" and “No Caps <word>”
  • Global commands to:
    • Undo, like “Undo That” and “Scratch That”
    • Select or delete, like “Delete Next <n> Words” and “Select Paragraph”
    • Navigate, like “Go to End” and “Go Up <n>"
    • Change the recognition mode, like "Spell Mode On"


  • Use your mouse and keyboard to correct or revise text directly in Unknown text fields.
  • Use the Dictation Box to dictate, correct, and revise text, and then transfer the text from the Dictation Box to the Unknown text field.

    You can also use the Dictation Box to revise text that is already in the Unknown text field.


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