The DragonBar

The DragonBar is Dragon's control panel. You use it to configure Dragon, use Dragon features, see what's going on, and more.

If you're using Dragon on a Windows tablet, see Using Dragon on a Windows tablet for information on using the DragonBar.

Controls and indicators

The following table describes the indicators and controls on the DragonBar.

Indicator/Control Description

expand button


Expands the DragonBar manually when Auto-collapse is not in use.

collapse button


Collapses the DragonBar manually when Auto-collapse is not in use.

grip button


Allows you to move the DragonBar with your mouse.

mic button


Allows Dragon to hear you.

For more information, see Dragon's microphone.

volume display


Determines whether Dragon hears you.

message area

Message area

Displays informational messages.

full text control indicator

Full Text Control

Determines whether Full Text Control is available in the current field.

Minimize to tray

Minimizes the DragonBar to your Windows system tray. The DragonBar is in Tray Icon mode ().


You can do the following when you click this icon:

  • Open the Accuracy Center
  • View online Help
  • Open the Interactive Tutorial
  • Check for Dragon updates
  • Visit the Dragon web site or Support web site
  • Get documentation
  • Register your Dragon product
  • View your Dragon version


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