Inserting, replacing, and deleting text

There may be multiple instances of words and phrases that match the text you say when you use Delete and Insert commands. Numbers appear next to each instance. Dragon allows you to perform an action on a single instance, or on all instances. For more information, see Working with multiple text matches.

This topic describes Global Commands that you can use in any application.

To insert words and phrases:

  1. Say "Insert Before <text>" or "Insert After <text>".
  2. Dragon moves the cursor before or after the text.

  3. Begin dictating text to insert.

To replace text:

  1. Pause briefly, and then say "Select <text>".
  2. Dictate new text.
  3. The text you dictate replaces the selected text.

To delete the last text you dictated:

Say "Scratch That" or "Delete That" or "Undo that".

To backspace:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to delete characters.
  2. Say "Backspace" or "Backspace <2-20>".

To backspace to a specific place in the text:

  1. Pause briefly, and then say "Resume With <text>".
  2. Dictate new text.




"the meeting will be held next week period"

The meeting will be held next week.

"Resume with held"

The meeting will be held

"a week from thursday period"

The meeting will be held a week from Thursday.

To delete characters:

Say one of the following:

  • "Delete Next Character"
  • "Delete Next 1 Character"
  • "Delete Next <2-20> Characters"
  • "Delete Previous Character"
  • "Delete Previous 1 Character"
  • "Delete Previous <2-20> Characters"
  • "Delete Last Character"
  • "Delete Last 1 Character"
  • "Delete Last <2-20> Characters"

To delete words:

Say one of the following:

  • "Delete Next Word"
  • "Delete Next 1 Word"
  • "Delete Next <2-20> Words"
  • "Delete Previous Word"
  • "Delete Previous 1 Word"
  • "Delete Previous <2-20> Words"
  • "Delete Last Word"
  • "Delete Last 1 Word"
  • "Delete Last <2-20> Words"

To delete lines:

Say one of the following:

  • "Delete Next Line"
  • "Delete Next 1 Line"
  • "Delete Next <2-20> Lines"
  • "Delete Previous Line"
  • "Delete Previous 1 Line"
  • "Delete Previous <2-20> Lines"
  • "Delete Last Line"
  • "Delete Last 1 Line"
  • "Delete Last <2-20> Lines"

To delete paragraphs:

  • "Delete Next Paragraph"
  • "Delete Next 1 Paragraph"
  • "Delete Next <2-20> Paragraphs"
  • "Delete Previous Paragraph"
  • "Delete Previous 1 Paragraph"
  • "Delete Previous <2-20> Paragraphs"
  • "Delete Last Paragraph"
  • "Delete Last 1 Paragraph"
  • "Delete Last <2-20> Paragraphs"

To delete specific text:

Say one of the following:

  • "Delete <text>"
  • "Delete <text> through <text>" (US and Canada only)
  • "Delete <text> to <text>" (all other regions)

To use these commands, you must have selected the Enable Delete shortcut commands option on the Options dialog box—Commands.


  1. Say "Select <text>".

    The Correction menu opens.

  2. Say "Delete That".


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