The Options dialog box

The Options dialog box allows you to change Dragon's configuration settings. To open the Options dialog box:

  • Select DragonBar: Tools>Options or Full DragonBar:Tools>Options

To navigate between the Options dialog box pages by voice, say one of the following:

  • "[page name]"
  • "Click [page name]"
  • "Go to [page name]"

For example, say "Click Playback Text to Speech".

Many settings are profile-specific and affect only the current user profile. Each profile can have different configuration settings.

The following settings affect all profiles and take effect when you restart Dragon:

  • Enable Natural Language Commands
  • Voice-enable menus, buttons, and other controls, excluding

Restoring Default Options dialog box settings

Click Restore defaults to reset all options on the current page to their default settings.

Options dialog box pages

Options dialog box—Correction

Options dialog box—Commands

Options dialog box—Appearance

Options dialog box—Hot keys

Options dialog box—Playback/Text-to-speech

Options dialog box—Miscellaneous

Options dialog box—Data

Options dialog box—PowerMic

Options dialog box—Dragon Anywhere

Options dialog box—Subscription Information

Options dialog box—Upgrade to Legal

The Upgrade to Legal tab is available only in the Dragon Professional Individual—English edition and in the Dragon Professional Group-English CP (Copy-Protected) edition.

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