About the Nuance PowerMic Microphone

Dragon Professional Individual has built-in support for the Nuance PowerMic microphone.


The Nuance PowerMic puts useful Dragon commands, shortcuts, and keyboard controls at your fingertips while you dictate. Having these features integrated into the microphone makes it easier to navigate through fields in a document, or to switch between multiple windows and applications where you need to insert dictated text.

For detailed information on the PowerMic buttons and functionality, see Options dialog box—PowerMic page.


Dragon automatically installs the PowerMic device drivers when you install Dragon. Just launch Dragon and plug the PowerMic into one of your computer's USB ports.

Where to configure

In previous releases, Dragon required you to add your microphone and other audio devices as a dictation source before using them. In this release, Dragon automatically detects the microphones that are connected to your computer, and no longer requires you to first create a dictation source.

To dictate with the PowerMic, connect the PowerMic to your computer, and then change your microphone. For more information, see Working with microphones and other dictation sources.

Customizing PowerMic buttons

You can customize PowerMic buttons to have them execute Dragon commands when pressed, or to better support your work flow. To do this, from the DragonBar, select Tools>Options and then click the PowerMic page.

In addition to customizing the global functionality of the buttons, you can enter different settings just to use with the Dictation Box.

Custom PowerMic settings are linked to your user profile. Different profiles that share the device can each have their own customizations.

Note: The PowerMic page is available only when the device is connected to your computer.

For detailed information on the PowerMic buttons and how to customize them, see Options dialog box—PowerMic page.


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Options dialog box—PowerMic The Options dialog box
Working with microphones and other dictation sources  

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