Choose a Microphone

Choose the microphone you want to use for dictation. Dragon detects and displays microphones that are connected to your computer. If you are switching microphones, Dragon indicates which microphone is your current (Active) microphone. This dialog box also indicates when the last microphone that you used on this computer is no longer connected. This microphone appears as Unavailable.

If you're using a Dragon edition where Nuance Management Center/NMS mode is enabled and you log in to a different client computer, Dragon prompts you to choose a microphone.

Option Description
Automatically adjust the microphone level as I speak

If selected, enables Automatic Gain Control. This setting allows Dragon to adjust microphone levels automatically as you speak and keep your audio level in the proper range.

If deselected, disables Automatic Gain Control, allowing you to manually set your own audio level by reading text using the Check Microphone option. If you deselect this setting, you'll need to close and then re-open your user profile for the change to take effect.

If you are connected to Dragon over a Remote Desktop connection, this option is automatically disabled.

Default value: Selected


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