Administrative Settings dialog box—Scheduled Tasks tab

Settings>Administrative Settings>Scheduled Task tab

Use the Scheduled Tasks tab to schedule Accuracy Tuning or enable Data Collection for all user profiles. Ensure you choose a time when your computer is on, but Dragon won't be open.

When you open this dialog box, Dragon must close your user profile. Dragon re-opens your user profile automatically when you close the dialog box.

Option Description

Accuracy Tuning:


Enable scheduled Accuracy Tuning

If selected, enables periodic Accuracy Tuning for the current profile.

If deselected, disables periodic Accuracy Tuning.

Default value: Selected


Click to change the frequency and start time. Pick a time when you expect that Dragon won't be open.

While Dragon is open, the scheduled Accuracy Tuning can't run.

Data Collection:


Help us improve Dragon

If selected, allows Nuance to collect Google Analytics metrics on how you use Dragon.

For more information, see About User Experience Collection.

If deselected, Nuance does not collect Google Analytics metrics on your Dragon use.

Restore Defaults

Click to restore default values for settings on this tab.


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