Options dialog box—Data



Say "Switch to DragonBar", then "Tools", then "Options", then "Data"

Use the Data page to enable User Experience Collection, store corrections for optimization, conserve disk space, and change other data settings. Changing these options affects only the current user profile.

Option Description

Store corrections in archive

If selected, stores corrections for use by Dragon's Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer.

If deselected, Dragon displays a message that there is not enough data to continue when optimization runs.

Default value: Selected

Archive size

Changes the acoustic data archive size. The default archive size is 180 minutes.

To improve accuracy, Dragon uses a 22 kHz audio sampling rate. Dragon uses this rate unless your sound card requires a lower rate of 11 kHz.

When you reach a maximum archive size, Dragon asks if you want to increase the maximum by 30 minutes. If you click No, Dragon stops adding new corrections to the archive.

Sample amounts of disk space needed for 30 min of acoustic data are 40 MB (11 kHz) and 80 MB (22kHz).

Conserve disk space required by user profile (for portability)

If selected, Dragon maintains a smaller set of user profiles to allow you to move them to other computers more efficiently.

If deselected, Dragon maintains a standard-sized set of user profiles.

Default value: Deselected

Disk space reserved for playback

Sets the disk cache space set aside for any dictation overflow from your computer's RAM. If you do not want to retain dictation, set this to 0 MB, or set Save recorded dictation with document to Never. The maximum allowed is limited only by your computer's available disk space.

Note: Setting this value too high could cause system instability.

Default value: 100 MB

Save recorded dictation with document

Determines whether Dragon saves the corresponding Dragon-Recorded Audio (.DRA) file when you dictate in a supported word processor and save the document.

Saving the .DRA file allows you to correct and play back your dictation when you open the document later, provided the .DRA file and text file are in the same directory. Dragon saves your .DRA files in the same directory as your dictated document by default.

This feature is supported in Word, WordPerfect, DragonPad, and OpenOffice Writer.

The options are:

  • Never
  • Ask me
  • Always

To use Correction Only mode or the Playback feature, this option must be set to Always.

Default value: Always

Automatically back up User Profile every "n" saves

Determines how often Dragon automatically creates a user profile backup when you save your user profile.

This option is unavailable if you select the Don't back up user profiles option.

Default value: 5

Don't back up user profiles

If selected, does not back up user profiles.

If deselected, backs up user profiles using the Automatically back up User Profile every "n" saves setting.

Default value: Deselected

Run Accuracy Tuning at the time scheduled by your Administrator

If selected, Dragon runs Accuracy Tuning at the time indicated in the Administrative Settings dialog box—Scheduled Tasks tab. Accuracy Tuning incorporates word sequences you have used often, and acoustic data from corrections and trainings you have done. Scheduling Accuracy Tuning allows Dragon to refine your user profile automatically.

If deselected, Dragon doesn't run Accuracy Tuning automatically. You can launch Accuracy Tuning yourself at any time.

For more information, see The Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer dialog box

Default value: Selected

User Experience Collection

If selected, enables User Experience Collection for this user profile. To comply with privacy regulations, Dragon prompts you to specify your year of birth when you enable this option.

If deselected, disables User Experience Collection for this user profile.

For more information on User Experience Collection, see Help us improve Dragon

Google Analytics metrics are collected continually.

For more information, see Administrative Settings dialog box—Scheduled Tasks tab.

Delete data

Click to delete data collected previously through data collection. This button does not delete metrics collected through Google Analytics.


Click to open the Advanced dialog box.

Restore defaults

Click to restore default values for settings on this page.


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