Free speech - Verify a caller's identity using natural conversation

Authentication via conversation

Make verification transparent

Nuance FreeSpeech verifies a caller's identity during the course of a natural conversation. It transparently analyses over a hundred unique voice characteristics while the customer speaks and compares these characteristics with the relevant stored voiceprint. It does this in seconds without interrupting the call. It can do this in any language, with any accent, any call-quality, and regardless of the content of the call.

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Better call experience. Better security.

With FreeSpeech, customers can get to an agent right away, which leads to a more pleasant and efficient call for them. The purpose of the call can be accomplished more quickly, which saves money by shortening the call length, and leads to more loyal customers, which can potentially increase revenues.

And by design, it sidesteps all the traditional security problems with information-based verification. It’s immune to current fraud techniques and enables companies to store voiceprints of known fraudsters to proactively prevent fraud from occurring.

FreeSpeech at a glance


  • Transparent identity verification
  • Transparent voiceprint enrollment
  • Content, language and accent independent
  • Proactive fraud detection
  • Seamless integration with leading CTI and CRM systems
  • DM and VoIP audio acquisition


  • Contact center caller verification

  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Enterprise security
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare

How it works

Once a customer is transferred to a contact center agent and starts to speak, FreeSpeech listens to the conversation and retrieves the speaker's audio for processing. The acquired audio is compared to the speaker’s voiceprint, and a verification result is generated within seconds. The verification result is then transferred to the CTI, agent workstation or CRM system. As the conversation proceeds and more audio is acquired, further verification results can be generated. In parallel, the captured voice is also compared to a fraudster voiceprint database, also known as a blacklist, to check if the voice belongs to a known malicious individual.

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