Vocal password - Simple and secure voice authentication

My voice is my password

There’s nothing easier and more secure than using voice authentication. Isn’t it time your company switched to the world’s most widely deployed text dependent voice biometric solution?

Voice is the popular choice

Nuance VocalPassword enables easy and secure authentication using just a person’s voice.

VocalPassword is trusted by hundreds of organizations around the world to verify the identity of millions of individuals on a daily basis during interactions with an IVR, mobile app, or web.

Regardless of the application, users just speak a simple passphrase to validate their identity. With VocalPassword, customers are finally free from having to remember and update passwords. Their voice is as unique as their fingerprint so it can never be hacked or stolen. VocalPassword offers your customers the simplest authentication available while reducing your costs and risks.

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Banco Santander case study

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Replacing PINs, passwords and security questions

See how quick and easy it is to set up a voiceprint for authentication. Then watch the remarkable simple, yet secure log in process powered by voice biometric-powered. No PINs, passwords, or security questions to remember ever again.

VocalPassword at a glance


  • Flexible multi-engine design delivering text dependent, text independent and text prompted voice verification
  • Language and accent independent
  • Unsurpassed algorithmic accuracy proven by third parties
  • Web Service interface, VoiceXML
  • Multi-site scalability and high-availability
  • Proactive fraudster detection
  • Anti-spoofing capabilities that include playback and liveness detection

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced fraud
  • Improved operating efficiency through increased self-service usage

  • IVR Authentication
  • Mobile App Authentication
  • Web Transaction Verification
  • IT Helpdesk Identity Verification
  • Remote Employee Validation
  • Password Reset

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Enterprise Security
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare

How it works

VocalPassword provides voice platforms, web servers and authentication servers with identity verification capabilities through the use of voice biometric matching engines. Once the customer’s voice is captured speaking the passphrase, the audio is transferred to VocalPassword along with a claimed identity. The captured voice is then compared with the relevant stored voiceprint and a verification result is provided by VocalPassword. In parallel, the captured voice is also compared to a fraudster voiceprint database, also known as a blacklist, to check if the voice belongs to a known malicious individual.

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