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Status Window
  • How to use the Status Window
Dragon menu
  • How to access windows, profiles and more through the Dragon menu
Recognition modes
  • Dragon recognition modes and how to switch between them

Available Commands window

  • How to take advantage of the Available Commands window
Profiles and audio sources
  • What is a profile?
  • What is an audio source?
Microphone modes
  • What are microphone modes?
  • How do I switch modes?
Microphone Setup
  • How to set up your microphone for optimal recognition
Microphone placement
  • How to position your microphone for optimal recognition
Getting started with dictation
  • How to start dictating
  • Dictation best practices
Dragon Anywhere
  • Linking to your Dragon Anywhere account
  • Dragon Anywhere features
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Dragon for Mac version 5
What's New?
  • What's new in Dragon for Mac