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About correction

The basics of correction

Correcting your dictation

Methods for correcting what you dictate. For example:

  • "Correct that"
  • "Undo that"
  • "Delete that"
  • "Spell <text>"

The Correction menu

Using the Correction menu and its options. To open the Correction menu:

  • Say "Correct That" to correct that last thing you said.
  • Select the specific text you want to correct by saying "Select <text>".

Correcting misrecognized commands

Correcting commands that Dragon doesn't recognize accurately

Correcting another user's dictation

Playing back and correcting another user's dictation

Improving accuracy

Ways to improve Dragon's recognition accuracy.

Spelling words and phrases

You can spell words and phrases that Dragon misrecognizes. Say "Spell That" immediately after Dragon misrecognizes a word or phrase.