The Correction menu

Use the Correction menu to correct errors in your dictated text.

To open the Correction menu, do one of the following:

  • Place your cursor in front of the text you want to correct and say "Correct" or "Correct That."
  • Select the specific text you want to correct by saying "Select <text>."
  • Press the Correction hot key (NumKey-) to open the Correction menu from anywhere in your document.

Note that you can correct up to 70 characters of text at a time.

Correction menu options

The Correction menu displays a numbered list. Do one of the following:

  • Click an option or say "Choose <number>."
  • Say "Spell That" to open the Spelling window and dictate or type the proper spelling of the text.

Other options

You can also select or say the following in the Correction menu.

Option Description

"Spell That"

Opens the Spelling window.

For more information, see Spelling window.

"Play That Back"

Plays back your dictation. Note that playback availability is limited when you dictate in a Web application.

For more information, see About Playback and Playing back dictation.

"All Caps That"

Capitalizes all letters in the selected word or phrase.

"Add That to Vocabulary"

Adds the selected word or phrase to your vocabulary.

"Don't Recognize That Word"

Removes the selected word or phrase from your vocabulary.

For more information, see Deleting words from your vocabulary.

"Unselect That"

Deselects the selected text.

"Make That a Command"

Opens the MyCommands Editor and creates a custom command using the selected text.

"Correction options"

Opens the Options dialog box—Correction page, where you can modify correction-related options.

For more information, see Options dialog box—Correction page.


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