Navigating within a document

When you are dictating or editing text, it is important to know how to navigate your document.

In Microsoft Word or TextEdit, you can use your keyboard or mouse to perform these tasks. See Mixing dictation with typing for information on using your keyboard and mouse while dictating with Dragon.

To move the cursor to the first or last position in the current document

  • Say Go to beginning / end.

To move the cursor a specified number of words from its current position

  • Say Move backward / forward <number> word(s).

You can move between 1 and 99 words forward or backward.

To insert the cursor before a specified word or phrase

  • Say Insert before <text>.

When you specify a word as an insertion point, if that text appear more than once in the document, Dragon selects the nearest instance.

To move the cursor to its previous position

  • Say Go back.

To move the cursor up, down, left or right

  • Say <Direction> arrow.

The cursor will move one position in the specified direction, as it would if you pressed the arrow keys.

To move the cursor to a new text field

  • Say Click next / previous field.

This command is for:

  • Documents such as emails that contain multiple text fields
  • Dialog boxes, such as sign-in window, that include multiple fields
  • Spreadsheets