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An Unknown text field is a text field in an application or on the Web that doesn't allow Dragon to obtain the information it needs about the field content, like where words and sentences begin and end. In Unknown text fields, selecting, correcting, and editing commands might not work. Dragon lets you know when you're dictating in an Unknown text field by displaying a message in the DragonBar message area.

Dictating in Unknown text fields You can dictate in Unknown text fields just as you would dictate in other fields and applications. However, the Dragon commands available are limited.
Commands available

The only commands that you can use in Unknown text fields are:

  • Dictation commands, like "New Line" and "Cap".
  • Text formatting commands, like "Hyphenate That" and "Cap That".
  • Text editing commands, like "Copy That" and "Paste That".
  • Recognition mode commands, like "Spell Mode On" and "Start Command Mode".
  • Playback and Read That commands, like "Play Line" and "Read Paragraph".
  • Correct dictated text in Unknown text fields using your mouse and keyboard.
  • Use the Dictation Box to dictate and correct text, and then transfer the text from the Dictation Box to the Unknown text field.

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