Working with Edge

Full Text Control is not available with Edge. You cannot click Web page controls by voice. However, you can still dictate on Web pages using the Dictation Box. You can also use Natural Language (NLP) Commands.

For more information, see About the Dictation Box and About Natural Language Commands.

To open Edge:

Say "Open Microsoft Edge".

To open a Web page:

  1. Say "Press Alt d".

    The cursor moves to the Address field.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Dictate the Web address directly in the Address field. Use this option if you don't need Full Text Control.

      For more information, see Dictating email addresses and web addresses.

      For more information on Full Text Control, see About Full Text Control.

    • Use the Dictation Box:

      1. From the DragonBar, select Tools>Dictation Box, or say "Open Dictation Box".
      2. Dictate the Web address in the Dictation Box, and then click Transfer, or say "Click Transfer".
  3. Say "Press Enter".

    The Web page opens.

To open a list of Web commands:

Say "What Can I Say?".

To move between fields:

Say "Press Tab".

To use tabs:

To open a new tab:

Say "Open a New Tab".

To close a tab:

Say "Close the Tab".

To switch to tabs:

Say one of the following:

  • "Go to the Next Tab"
  • "Go to the Previous Tab"
  • "Go to the Last Tab"
  • "Go to the First Tab"
  • "Go to the <nth> Tab"

You can also say "Switch to" instead of "Go to".

To navigate forward and backward:

To go forward:

Say "Go Forward".

Dragon opens the next page in your browser history.

To go backward:

Say "Go Back".

Dragon opens the previous page in your browser history.


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