Working with Internet Explorer

You must have enabled the Dragon Web Extension to have Full Text Control and to click Web page controls voice. For more information, see Installing and enabling the Dragon Web Extension.

Tutorial: Can I use Dragon on the web?

To open Internet Explorer:

Say "Open Internet Explorer" or "Open Microsoft Internet Explorer".

To navigate to a Web page:

  1. Say "Go to Address".

    The cursor moves to the address field.

  2. Dictate the URL.

  3. Say "Go There".

    The Web page opens.

To open a list of commands:

Say "What Can I Say?"

For more information, see Getting help.

To navigate forward, backward, and Home:

To go forward:

Say "Go Forward".

Dragon opens the next page in your browser history.

To go back:

Say "Go Back".

Dragon opens the previous page in your browser history.

To go to your Home page:

Say "Go Home".

To move up and down Web pages:

Say one of the following:

  • "Page Up"
  • "Page Down"
  • "Line Up"
  • "Line Down"
  • "Go to Top"
  • "Go to Bottom"
  • "Scroll Up"
  • "Scroll Down"
  • "Start Scrolling Up"
  • "Start Scrolling Down"
  • "Scroll Faster"
  • "Scroll Slower"
  • Stop Scrolling"


To move between fields:

Say "Tab" or "Tab <n> Times".

To click links and other controls:

Say "Click" followed by the control name, or just part of it. If you deselected the Require 'Click' to select hyperlinks in HTML windows option on the Options dialog box—Commands page, you don't need to say "Click" first. Just say the control name.

To click list boxes:

  1. Say "Click List Box".
  2. Say "Click <list option>" to select an option in the list.

To click all other controls:

Say one of the following:

  • "Click <link name>"
  • "Click <button name>"
  • "Click <check box name>"
  • "Click <edit box name>"
  • "Click <image name>"
  • "Click <radio button name>"
  • "Click <text field name>"

To click controls when there are multiple instances:

  1. Say one of the following:
    • "Show Links" or "Click Link"
    • "Click Button"
    • "Click Check Box"
    • "Click Edit Box"
    • "Click Image"
    • "Click Radio Button"
    • "Click Text Field"
    • "Click Type Text"

    Numbers appear next to all controls of that type.

  2. Say "Choose <number>" to click a control. This also makes all numbers disappear.

To hide the numbers:

Say one of the following:

  • "Cancel"
  • "Hide Numbers"

To use tabs:

To open a new tab:

Say "Open a New Tab".

To close a tab:

Say "Close the Tab".

To switch to tabs:

Say one of the following:

  • "Go to the Next Tab"
  • "Go to the Previous Tab"
  • "Go to the Last Tab"
  • "Go to the First Tab"
  • "Go to the <nth> Tab"

You can also say "Switch to" instead of "Go to".


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