About the Dictation Box

Tutorial: Why did a text box pop up when I spoke?


About You use the Dictation Box to dictate and correct text, and then transfer it to a text field or application. The Dictation Box is helpful when you're dictating in a field or application where there's no Full Text Control.
Optional? Yes.
When it appears

The Dictation Box appears when you attempt to:

  • Dictate in an Unknown text field.
  • Dictate in an unsupported application.

It appears automatically if you selected the Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications option on the Options dialog box—Miscellaneous tab.

You can also open it by saying "Show Dictation Box", or by selecting Tools>Dictation Box from the DragonBar.

For information on suppressing the Dictation Box, see Using the Dictation Box.

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