Nuance presents

Dragon Law Enforcement:
Make incident reporting faster, safer and more complete

Learn how thousands of law enforcement professionals create incident reports 3x faster, make the CAD/RMS easier to use, and keep officers safer and more focused on patrol—by voice.

The best weapon in the
fight against paperwork

View the on-demand webinar and discover why law enforcement professionals are embracing smarter police reporting solutions like
Dragon Law Enforcement to:


Create incident reports 3x faster and with greater efficiency and accuracy by dictating a report narrative vs. manually typing.


Make data entry and navigation within CAD/RMS systems or other applications easier by voice.


Ensure timely filing of incident reports to move criminal proceedings along and return time back to officers and the community.


Keep officers safer and more situationally aware by empowering them to conduct common tasks like license plate lookups simply by speaking.


Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs and dependencies on outsourced services.

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