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Series sessions:

Utah Police embrace mobility solutions to optimize mandated reporting

Lieutenant Michael Boone
Ogden, UT Police Dept. (Retired)

Former Lieutenant Michael Boone shares Ogden PD’s success with adopting new technology: evaluation, pilot test process, ROI measurement and ongoing usage and support. With a focus on mandated reporting, results are discussed including cost savings and officer safety.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office leverages advanced technology to save officers time every shift

Division Chief Mike Wagner
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

Division Chief Mike Wagner discusses Boulder County Sheriff’s Office’s results from both its pilot test and implementation of Dragon to save officers, detectives and administrative staff time during every shift.

Why Watertown Police investigators implemented speech recognition technology

Detective Dave MacNeil
Watertown, MA Police Department

Watertown Police Detective Dave MacNeil discusses the “how” and “why” Watertown PD integrated speech recognition into their general patrol and investigative units. During this webinar, Detective MacNeil shares how report automation fosters creative solutions to COVID‑19 administrative challenges, and explains its overall impact on officer safety, morale, and job satisfaction.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office optimizes speech technology to drive productivity

Captain Terry Storie
Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Captain Terry Storie shares the best practices Polk County Sheriff’s Office employs to implement cutting edge technology into their incident reporting process. This webinar will explore proven methods applicable to any law enforcement organization.

3 ways tech can improve active community policing

Chief Richard Stanley
North Andover Police Dept. (Retired)

Former North Andover Police Chief Richard Stanley shares his insight on the growing crisis of paperwork burnout in the law enforcement profession. During the webinar, Chief Stanley discusses how to combat pitfalls of manual documentation processes and increase officer safety and situational awareness.

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