Dragon Ambient eXperience virtual demo

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

Physicians struggle to deliver quality care to patients, spending two hours on administrative tasks for every hour they spend with patients. And the recent influx of telehealth visits presents them with the added challenge of more documentation requirements.

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to see a livestream demo of the Dragon Ambient eXperience (Nuance DAX) and explore how to automatically document patient encounters.

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The session will be approximately 45 minutes.

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Nuance DAX and the University of Michigan Health‑West

Explore how the University of Michigan Health‑West has expanded its deployment of Nuance DAX to empower physicians to reduce administrative workloads and focus on patient care with clinical documentation that writes itself.

See the Dragon Ambient eXperience in action

Discover how Nuance DAX allows physicians to turn the chair around and focus on the patient, save time, preserve the physician‑patient experience, and eliminate after‑hours work. You will learn how to:


Reduce time spent documenting care up to 50%

During an encounter, conversations between clinicians and patients are securely recorded and automatically converted into clinical notes using discrete data to populate clinical documentation directly in the EHR.


Use for telehealth and in‑office visits

Clinicians engage in conversation with their patients while a dedicated mobile app or purpose‑built ambient device with a highly optimized microphone array, large interactive display, integrated biometrics, and multi‑sensory capabilities securely captures a multi‑party conversation.


Increase provider satisfaction by up to 88%

Nuance DAX makes more valuable use of clinicians’ time and helps restore their sense of professional satisfaction. Our ambient clinical intelligence solutions let doctors spend more of their time doing what they love: caring for patients

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