Best practices guide: Creating the next generation CDI department


Best practices guide: Creating the next generation CDI department

Read our best practices eBook as we reflect on several integrative strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your CDI program.

Better clinical documentation, all around.

Since the advent of the pandemic, CDI departments across the country have played a more critical role in healthcare than ever before. This greater responsibility can often translate to greater challenges for CDI leaders and their teams.

As Nuance VP & GM Mike Jones states, “In order to rise to these challenges, we must consider what we can do—both on the front and back ends—to maintain the integrity, accuracy, and quality of charts and records while reducing friction and workloads for physicians. This mindset will ultimately lead to better outcomes for growing patient volumes and case complexities.”

In our latest Best Practices Guide, you will learn about three key areas that can help organizations craft a next generation CDI department:


The ROI of quality measures


Technological impact on physician documentation and workflow


Staff appreciation and retention

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