Moving beyond scribes to automatically document care

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

How three organizations replaced scribes with AI

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare and making it easier for physicians to document care without the use of a medical scribe. View our webinars, Moving beyond medical scribes to automatically document care, to discover why AI is more effective than medical scribes and explore how to automatically document care with the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX).

What you will learn

Why AI makes more sense than medical scribes

In a digital world, medical scribes are becoming antiquated. Without industry standards, documentation quality is inconsistent and the one to one scribe to physician relationship doesn’t scale. Move beyond medical scribes and see how Nuance DAX can improve your documentation and put the conversation back in the patient encounter.

By viewing these webinars, you’ll learn how to:


Use AI technology as a replacement for scribes in your practice


Employ machine learning in your administrative processes without changing existing workflows


Produce better quality of care, increase clinician efficiency, and improve financial outcomes

To learn more, please view the webinars below.


Moving beyond medical scribes to automatically document care

Better clinical documentation, all around.

Discover how to improve care quality, boost efficiency, and reduce physician burnout with the Dragon Ambient Experience.

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