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Improving financial performance

Download our latest white paper and learn how to optimize physicians’ time to boost efficiency and productivity, increase throughput, and improve the patient‑provider experience with the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX).

Take control of financial outcomes with ambient clinical intelligence

In today’s climate, financial recovery is of the utmost importance. The age‑old saying, “time is money,” is especially accurate when referring to physicians’ time. This paper will discuss the value of physicians’ time—and how their time can best be utilized to achieve desired financial outcomes

Unmatched outcomes

Delivering tangible results for today’s healthcare organizations.

7 min

Saved per encounter can reap over $3M of additional revenue.


Reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue.


Additional appointments added on average per clinic day.


Of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational.

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