Working in OpenOffice Writer

For a list of commands you can use in OpenOffice Writer, say "What Can I Say?" at any time.

You cannot dictate in tables or form fields.

To open OpenOffice Writer:

Say "Start OpenOffice Writer".

To scroll in your document:

To scroll horizontally:

Say one of the following:

  • "Move Left <number>"
  • "Move Right <number>"

To scroll vertically:

Say one of the following:

  • "Move Up <number>"
  • "Move Down <number>"

To move around a document:

Say one of the following:

  • "Line Up"
  • "Line Down"
  • "Page Up"
  • "Page Down"


Use Global commands. For more information, see Moving around in documents, web pages and text fields.

For more commands, say "What Can I Say?".

To switch between open documents:

See To switch between open documents.


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