Using your keyboard by voice

When Dragon is running, you can control your keyboard by voice.

To press the Tab key:

Say "Press Tab" or "Tab key"

To press the Backspace key:

Say "Press Key Backspace".

To press a key on the numeric keypad:

Say "Keypad <key>".

To press key combinations:

Say one of the following:

  • "Shift <key>"
  • "Control <key>"
  • "Alt <key>"
  • "Control Alt <key>"
  • "Control Shift <key>"

To press function keys:

Say "Type Function <number>".

For example, "Type Function 12".

To press other keys:

Say "Type <key>".

For example, "Type Escape" or "Type Spacebar".

To use Dragon's hot keys:

Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts for frequently used functionality, like the Correction menu and turning the microphone on and off. For information on using Dragon's hot keys, see Options dialog box—Hot keys tab.


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