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Protecting privacy to preserve your trust

Data is the fuel for technology. Nuance protects the privacy of the data we process—maintaining transparency about how and where we use your data—so you can trust the products and services you use every day.

Managing data starts with respect

Nuance manages your data responsibly and respectfully. We process data to conduct general business operations for the tools you rely on—like voice data in Dragon Anywhere and medical data in PowerScribe One. To learn how we collect, share, and use data, read the Nuance Privacy Statement and explore:

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Privacy protection of personal data is now a bedrock consumer expectation. Businesses and their customers prefer to engage with partners, like Nuance, who walk the talk of privacy responsibility and accountability.

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Chief Legal, Privacy, and Compliance Officer

We put you in control of your data

We believe in the power of data—and that power should be in your hands. If Nuance holds any of your personal data, you have the right to:

— Ask for access to details of your data, free of charge.
— Request the rectification, restriction, or erasure of your data.
— Object to the processing of your data.
— Request that any data provided by you be transferred to a third party.

The importance of child data protection

Nuance has adopted and maintains a child privacy protection compliance program specifying policies and procedures to help us comply with all applicable children’s privacy laws and additional requirements outlined by GDPR, CCPA, and the U.S. Children Online Privacy Protection Act—like requiring verifiable parental consent before collecting and processing personal data directly received from a child.

In support of our commitment, Nuance will never provide hosted services to websites or online services that are primarily child‑directed.

Report privacy concerns with confidence

The Nuance Ntegrity Helpline is integral to our corporate compliance and ethics program. It empowers anyone to anonymously and confidentially report concerns or complaints around privacy—among many other topics—and helps us detect any potential unethical or unlawful conduct. Read more

Visit the Nuance Ntegrity Helpline(Open a new window) or call (866) 384-4277 to make a confidential report.

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