PowerScribe One Radiology Workflow and Reporting

Transform radiology workflow with AI-driven reporting

Bring radiology reporting to a new level of consistency and quality with PowerScribe One. Deliver unparalleled levels of workflow efficiency and accuracy to improve disease detection, diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment.

Porter Research report reveals how radiologists see AI and PowerScribe One impacting radiology

Hear firsthand from practicing radiologists how they view the role that AI and the cloud must play, the anticipated benefits of solutions like Nuance PowerScribe One, and how these innovations can advance the practice of radiology.

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White paper: In your words: How AI is advancing the impact of radiology in healthcare

Radiologists see cloud-based diagnostic solutions and workflow-integrated AI as key priorities for care teams. Read the white paper to hear what they have to say – in their own words.

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Nuance delivers unmatched automation and language understanding with PowerScribe One

Hear from Warren B. Gefter, MD, Professor of Radiology at Penn Medicine, how Nuance’s AI-driven reporting platform, PowerScribe One, leverages AI, structured data, and automation to drive improved patient care.


Using AI to drive better workflow efficiency and reporting accuracy

PowerScribe One, the next generation of the industry’s most widely used and trusted radiology reporting platform, harmonizes the applications radiologists use every day and makes AI useful and usable within the workflow. Most of all, PowerScribe One markedly improves efficiency and accuracy, giving radiologists more time to focus on what matters most—the care teams and patients they serve.


Harness the latest advances in AI and cloud technology

The best outcomes don’t just happen because an image was taken. They occur when everything surrounding the image, and as a result of that image, happens easily and automatically. PowerScribe One uses continuous learning and context-aware language understanding technology to convert unstructured text into structured data that expands interoperability and powers a new generation of data-driven applications. It also uniquely integrates access to AI algorithms within the radiology workflow, giving radiologists powerful tools to improve efficiency and throughput, increase diagnostic accuracy and specificity, and ensure consistent, evidence-based follow-up recommendations.

PowerScribe One combines the latest industry-leading speech recognition with cloud-powered productivity features that optimize performance, reduce turnaround time, improve accuracy, and increase user satisfaction. AI capabilities are hosted on Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure, and organizations can maintain on-premise deployments while optimizing the security and operational advantages of cloud-hosted technology today.

PowerScribe One derives meaning from structured data and imaging information to drive workflows and inform clinical decisions. It offers automated, evidence-based decision support capabilities that harness the power of AI to streamline the process for applying clinical guidelines and communicating more consistent follow-up recommendations.

PowerScribe One monitors exam order and report context to flag potential critical results and identify errors, omissions, oversights, and inconsistencies, such as laterality or sex. Interactive assistance drives consistency, improves specificity, and reduces diagnosis time. Radiologists can be more productive and accurate, while ordering clinicians can be more confident in the report quality.

PowerScribe One brings together real-time, in-workflow integrations with imaging partners so extracted data can flow between applications to minimize toggling. This automated, data-centric approach enables radiologists to verify information, not hunt for it. Work performed on images is captured and findings are automatically inserted into the PowerScribe One report, improving speed and accuracy. Codified data drives decision support and follow-up recommendations that can be shared directly with the EHR.

PowerScribe One reengineers the radiology reporting process to better support standardized documentation, including adoption of MRRT standards. Advanced AutoTexts accelerate report creation while ensuring thorough, compliant, and accurate radiology reports.

Get convenient, voice-enabled, access to PowerScribe One while on the go. Radiologists can use their smartphone or tablet to securely edit and sign reports, support diagnoses, and look up similar cases and research—all within a secure mobile app.

AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Access the latest AI algorithms directly in PowerScribe One

The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging is an app store that offers developers immediate access to 70 percent of all radiologists across 6,500+ connected healthcare facilities. It provides subscribers within these facilities a one-stop-shop to easily try and buy AI algorithms that integrate with PowerScribe One. Unlike other AI platforms, marketplaces and exchanges focused primarily on siloed, PACS-only algorithm development, Nuance offers the largest storefront of AI imaging algorithms integrated directly into the radiology reporting workflow with a collaborative feedback channel to help developers continuously refine their apps based on real-world use, research, findings and results.


Get even more from your PowerScribe One investment

Get even more from your investment with workflow solutions like PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration, communication solutions like PowerConnect Actionable Findings, and analytics through mPower Clinical Analytics.


In their own words: what radiologists are saying about PowerScribe One

Achieve unparalleled levels of workflow efficiency and accuracy to improve disease detection, diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment.

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