PowerScribe One Radiology Workflow and Reporting

Transform the radiology reading experience with PowerScribe One

Welcome to the next generation of radiology reporting. An all‑new, user‑centric design and countless workflow enhancements make PowerScribe One a game‑changer. It harnesses AI, cloud‑powered speech and language understanding technology, and real‑time structured data to bring you new levels of accuracy, quality, and performance.

Overcome inefficiencies, inconsistent recommendations and failed follow‑up.

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Nuance delivers an unrivaled radiology reading experience with PowerScribe One

See how PowerScribe One delivers the radiology reading experience of the future. A modern design and color palette combines ambient, conversational AI, advanced speech processing, structured data extraction, workflow automation, and real time data synchronization to improve radiologist satisfaction and patient care.

What’s new in PowerScribe One

Purpose‑built and redesigned from the ground up

PowerScribe One has been completely redesigned with you in mind. A new look and feel—with a more intuitive and visually harmonizing user interface—delivers an unrivaled reporting experience. And our advanced AI‑driven capabilities, powered by the cloud, augment and automate your workflows to drive improved accuracy, quality, and efficiency. Cloud‑hosted speech and language processing provide unparalleled recognition and accuracy while eliminating the need for local profile training and maintenance.

Reduce fatigue

Simplified, modernized look and feel

  • New dark mode harmonizes with the radiology reading environment
  • De-cluttered layout makes navigation easier; see what you need when you need it
  • In‑line notifications and alerts minimize distractions
Improve quality

Intuitive functionality and information access

  • Advanced language understanding technologies drive automated decision support
  • “In‑report” notifications and advice help minimize errors and inconsistencies
  • Smart Assist provides users with a dynamic checklist of alerts and suggestions
Combat burnout

Streamlined, time‑saving workflows

  • Extracts structured data to populate reports and reduce manual data entry
  • Provides prioritized access to relevant prior reports
  • Leverages conversational AI and virtual assistant technologies to query data from the EMR and PACS
Future proof

Modern cloud‑powered architecture

  • Supports remote and mobile reporting with cloud speech
  • Reduces IT footprint and maintenance costs
  • Streamlines updates and delivery of enhancements
  • Positions organization for future innovations

Feature highlights

Countless capabilities, all included and designed for you


Using AI to drive workflow efficiency and reporting accuracy

PowerScribe One harmonizes applications radiologists use every day and makes AI useful and usable within the workflow. By improving efficiency and accuracy, it gives radiologists more time to focus on what matters most—the care teams and patients they serve.

  • Increase provider satisfaction through streamlined processes that augment and automate the reporting workflow.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy by auto‑populating reports, reducing errors, and minimizing redundancy.
  • Enhance communication across the enterprise by intelligently sharing discrete data between systems, users, and platforms.
  • Improve follow‑up consistency and patient care with AI‑driven, automated guidance and quality checks that drive evidence‑based clinical decisions and support MIPS initiatives.
  • Streamline operations with easier deployment, more timely updates, and access to innovations via a secure, cloud‑based environment.

The Power of One

Harness the latest advances in AI and cloud technology to deliver value

The power of structured data and conversational AI

PowerScribe One uses continuous learning and context‑aware language understanding technology to convert unstructured text into structured data that expands interoperability and powers a new generation of data‑driven applications. New Ambient Mode and Virtual Assistant capabilities harness the power of voice‑enabled workflow control to automatically turn free‑form dictation into organized, structured reports, and easily retrieve relevant information.

The power of integration

Benefit from deep integrations through Nuance PowerCast, an extension of the proposed HL7 FHIRcast industry standard. Synchronized integration between PowerScribe One and the disparate PACS and EMR systems radiologists use every day enables real‑time, two‑way data-sharing. This new capability also enables integration with other third-party systems and AI services offered through the Nuance AI Marketplace.

The power of AI-driven workflows

With PowerScribe One, AI services are uniquely integrated into the radiology workflow to improve efficiency and throughput, increase diagnostic accuracy and specificity, and ensure consistent, evidence‑based follow‑up recommendations.

The power of cloud technology

PowerScribe One’s advanced AI capabilities are hosted on Microsoft Azure so organizations can benefit from the security, reliability and operational advantages of a trusted cloud hosting infrastructure.

AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Integrate the latest AI services with PowerScribe One

The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging is a one‑stop‑shop that enables subscribers to easily try and buy AI services that integrate with PowerScribe One. Unlike other AI platforms, marketplaces and exchanges, Nuance offers the largest storefront of AI imaging services integrated directly into the radiology reporting workflow, and includes a collaborative feedback channel to help developers continuously refine their apps based on real‑world use, research, findings and results.

AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

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Achieve unparalleled levels of workflow efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

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