Dragon for Law Enforcement—Role of Technology

PoliceTech trends in a post‑pandemic world

As law enforcement moves on from the most stringent pandemic protocols and returns to a more proactive policing approach, technology is addressing not just paperwork, but the needs of the “whole officer.”

2022 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Survey

Better police documentation, all around.

The documentation burden continues, with optimism technology can help address challenges posed by the “Great Resignation” economic trend.


Report writing and filing incident reports remains the biggest drain on officer productivity


Say they spend between two and four hours on reporting and other paperwork per day—and an additional 14% spend more than 4 hours per day


Indicate mandatory documentation has increased “somewhat” or “significantly” in the past 18 months


Say tighter integration of Dragon with Microsoft productivity tools (e.g., Word, Teams) would enhance daily workflow


Cite virtual communication tools like Teams as playing a more prominent role in administrative aspects of policing


Agree or strongly agree an AI‑powered “virtual partner” would be a welcome modern policing development

Applications have emerged

Mobile and cloud‑native tech is addressing new facets of policing, addressing the needs of the “whole officer.”


Say speech‑to‑text has a significant role promoting apps that foster wellness, safety and professional development


Agree mobile tech usage for purposes other than documentation has increased in last 18 months


Either “agree” or “strongly agree” officers need a connected workplace of cloud‑hosted smart‑tools


Agree within 5 years VR, simulators and digital collaboration tools will play a larger role with training and accreditation bodies

Dragon for law enforcement

Dragon Professional Cloud for law enforcement makes police documentation easier and faster—from anywhere.

How much time can speech recognition save your department?