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The #1 clinical documentation companion just got better

View the on-demand demo and explore how to go beyond dictation with Dragon Medical One, a comprehensive solution that can aid, assist, and advise. Next‑level architecture and new capabilities surround you with support, from pre‑charting through post‑encounter documentation.

Automate the tasks that hold you back.

We’ve listened to the clinicians who named Dragon Medical One #1 for two years running for its medical dictation capabilities, preserving the proven, portable, personalized features that earned their accolades and empowering them with a nimble modern architecture that is faster, more flexible, and future‑proof.

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Better documentation support, all around.

2021, 2022, and 2023 Best in KLAS speech recognition front-end EMR badges
Black Book 2022 seal
FedRAMP authorized solution badge

See Dragon Medical One in action

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Hands‑free convenience and always listening

Eliminate the need for manual controls or clicks, enhancing clinicians' control, ease of use, and freedom, completely. Simply say “Wake up” to turn on the hands‑free microphone, which is always listening.

See why wake‑up‑word is one of Dragon Medical One's most valued features.

Aid, Assist, Advise

Now you can expect even more from the proven leader in clinical documentation.

The industry-best speech recognition doctors depend on also delivers next-generation workflow assistance and clinical guidance.

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