Dictating over a remote desktop connection

You can dictate into Dragon even when it is not installed on your computer. This is referred to as "remote dictation."

Before you begin

In order to use Dragon this way, the following must be in place:

  • The system administrator must set up the computer that is running Dragon as the host.
  • The system administrator must set up the remote computer as the client.
  • The client computer must be able to connect to the host computer.

For more information, see the Dragon Group configuration and client installation Guide at http://www.nuance.com/support/dragon-naturallyspeaking/index.htm.

To set up your local computer

Complete the following steps to set up the client (remote) computer you want to use for dictating in Dragon over a remote desktop connection.

Step Task
Step 1

Configure the Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) utility

Note: Depending on which version of Windows you are running, your RDC software interface may not completely match the screens described in the steps in this section.

  1. Open the Windows Remote Desktop Connection utility and click Options.
  2. Click the Local Resources tab and click Settings.
  3. Select Play on this computer and Record from this computer, and click OK.
Step 2

Install and run the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop tool

Note: This tool does not support using a mobile device as a microphone. To set up a mobile device, see Configuring your mobile device as a dictation source.

  1. In the directory where your Dragon installation files are located, open the Dragon Client For Remote Desktop folder, run setup.exe, and follow the steps to install the software.
  2. Connect the microphone.
  3. If your computer has multiple audio sources, make sure that this microphone is the Default recording device.
  4. From the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop program group, run the Audio Setup Wizard to configure your microphone.

Connect and dictate

After you have made sure both machines are properly configured, launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection utility on the remote computer and connect to the host computer.

If you don't already have a Dragon user profile on the server computer, create one by selecting Profile > New User Profile from the DragonBar.

You can launch Dragon on the host machine and begin dictating as you would if you were using Dragon on a local computer.

Using a mobile device as a microphone over VPN

It is possible to use a VPN connection to remotely access Dragon on another computer and use a supported mobile device as your microphone, in conjunction with the Dragon remote microphone application. For detailed setup instructions, please contact your company's IT department and refer to your device support.


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