Manage Dragon

Click: To learn more about:
Preferences window
  • How to change your Dragon settings and preferences
  • How to add, delete, or modify profiles
About Vocabulary
  • Dragon's vocabulary
Editing Dragon's Vocabulary
  • Using the Vocabulary Editor to:
    • View the vocabulary list
    • Add a vocabulary item
    • Edit a vocabulary item
    • Train a vocabulary item
    • Delete a vocabulary item
    • Export vocabulary
    • Import vocabulary
Vocabulary Training
  • Training Dragon to recognize how you use words
Voice Training
  • Training Dragon to understand how you speak
Auto-text commands
  • Why you should use Auto-text commands
  • How to create Auto-text commands
  • How to insert Auto-text into a document

Using fields with Auto-text commands

  • When to use fields in an Auto-text command
  • Setting up fields in Auto-text commands
  • Navigating fields in a document
The Commands Manager
  • How to access the Commands Manager
  • The Context panel
  • The Commands list
  • The Details panel
Create a command
  • Creating custom commands to access:
    • Websites
    • Files or Folders
    • Menu Items
    • Keystrokes
    • Applications
Create a command: Advanced
  • Creating advanced scripting commands using:
    • AppleScript
    • Shell Script
    • Automator Workflow
Import and export commands
  • Exporting a Command Set
  • Importing a Command Set