Custom voices solutions

Give your brand the visibility it deserves with a custom voice from Nuance!

Your business is unique, and the voice that represents it should also be one-of-a kind. A custom voice reflects your businesses' key attributes and is one of the most powerful ways to build brand identity since it prompts an emotional response every time it is heard. Your unique voice can be used in a wide range of communication touch points with prospects and customers. Some of the more popular applications include:

  • cars and mobile devices
  • inbound and outbound call centres, contact centres, voicemail systems
  • e-commerce and customer self-service portals
  • information and audio-video services
  • advertisements and other marketing tools

Questions to consider when developing a custom voice include:

  • Should it be male or female?
  • What are the desired voice qualities?
  • What is the right persona to best define your brand?
  • Should the voice be helpful? Informative? Casual?
  • What kind of style best suits your voice – trustworthy, funny, subdued, professional, animated, sincere?

Benefits of Custom Voices
  • Enhance brand identity and reflect corporate values
  • Highlight product uniqueness
  • Exclusive “voice of your company” recognition
  • Improve customer experience
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Create emotional attachment and loyalty
Voice Development

Custom voice creation at Nuance begins with Vocalizer Expressive – a powerful engine that represents the new generation of text-to speech solutions. Advantages of voices created with Vocalizer Expressive include:

  • New enhancements deliver the best possible customer experience
  • Rapid time to deployment
  • Expressive voice has personality and understands meaning
  • High-quality voice is tailored to your specific requirements

Custom voices are becoming increasingly popular in these key markets:

  • Automotive
  • Accessibility
  • eBooks
  • Games
  • TVs
  • Toys
  • Mobile Phones
  • Home apps
  • Call Centres
  • Telecom
  • Finance
Use Cases

Typical use cases for custom voices include:

  • Traffic
  • Route guidance
  • In-car speech
  • SMS/E-mail reading
  • News reading
  • Public address systems
  • eBook reading
  • Directory assistance
  • Assistive technologies
  • Screen reading
  • ATM access
  • Language learning
  • Voice UI feedback
  • Social media updates
  • Customer self service