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Meaningful interactions require trust

Nuance is reinventing how people connect with technology and each other through AI‑powered solutions that are more intelligent and intuitive. We work hard to earn, preserve, and strengthen the trust of our customers at each touchpoint.

Welcome to our trust center

Our trust principles

Nuance is committed to building technology responsibly. It’s how we gain and keep your trust. For us, that means a focus on three core principles:

Pivoting to meet the moment

The pandemic accelerated the need for technology we were uniquely positioned to provide, enabling us to answer the call for user-friendly automated solutions in contact centers, remote access capabilities for healthcare workers, technology that seamlessly supported the transition to telemedicine, and enhanced security and fraud protection solutions. See how we progressively align our actions with the goal of strategic, sustainable value creation in Our 2021 ESG Report: Amplifying our collective intelligence.

Leading the way

Meet the Nuance team that works every day to keep our business and your data safe and reliable.

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See something? Say something.

Use the Nuance Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Our top priority is maintaining the trust and confidence that our customers place in us—and we welcome input from security researchers in detecting potential vulnerabilities. Visit our Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) to learn more about our VDP Policy and how best to disclose vulnerabilities to us.

Read more about our policies and programs around trust at Nuance

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