T9 Write™

The natural evolution of text input – Leveraging XT9 to provide Advanced Handwriting Recognition combined with Intuitive Predictive Text

Nuance T9 Write™ is a new class of handwriting input solutions that provides an exceptional user experience on any touch-screen device. T9 Write recognises naturally shaped letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation in more than 40 languages. T9 Write's revolutionary technology fuses advanced handwriting recognition and predictive text capabilities to provide a superior user experience.

T9 Write predicts words as you write, reducing the time it takes to enter lengthy words. This advanced application learns your preferred vocabulary, including new words and shortcuts that can be added to abbreviate commonly used phrases. T9 Write operates in a panel display and in full-screen mode. 

Exceptional User Experience

  • Recognises natural handwriting - User shortcuts, abbreviations, email addresses and more
  • Leverages XT9 dictionary to provide superior recognition accuracy and powerful prediction
  • Single/Multiple or unconstrained character recognition
  • Separate Line Writing Recognition
  • Rotation Adaptation
  • On-top Writing: Continuously write on the same spot
  • Multi-touch Gesture: Pre or user-defined multi-touch gesture
  • Global Language Support
  • Low system requirement
  • Chinese Alternative Stroke Sequence

Single Character Recognition:
Enables single character entry.

Unconstrained Character Recognition:
Enables continuous word-by-word entry of characters that are connected.


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