T9®  – The Global Standard for Mobile Text Input

"One Key Press Per Letter” that enables faster, easier text entry using a numeric keypad

T9® Text Input is the industry-leading text input solution for mobile devices worldwide. T9® stands for Text on 9 Keys. T9's predictive text application unlocks the power of numeric keypads, allowing users to enter text quickly and easily using "one key press per letter". This patented technology enables faster, simpler text entry across an array of mobile and consumer electronic devices. T9® is also adaptive for a highly personalised, interactive experience. 

T9® is licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers. More than 4 billion handsets around the globe are equipped with our advanced T9® technology

T9® Text Input supports over 80 languages, including complex scripts such as Indic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  It is the leading choice for text entry on today’s sophisticated mobile devices.

Key Features

  • “One Key Press Per Letter” – Enter text twice as fast as traditional “multi-tap” entry
  • Next Word Prediction – Predicts entire phrases based upon phrases typed most often
  • Word Order Preferencing – Adjusts word order based upon user preference and prior usage
  • Enhanced Word Completion – Completes unique words, like chat phrases and URLs
  • User Added Words – Easily store and use favourite slang, codes and "emoticons”
  • Bilingual T9 Text Input – Text in two languages simultaneously
  • Community Word Lists – Create community or themed word lists like sports or music
  • Downloadable Languages – Customise phones for language needs and preferences.


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