Dragon Drive—The road to AI

Bringing intelligence to the driver, to the road and beyond

Technology will make our lives work

See how artificial intelligence can bring together every part of our busy lives. From the home, to the car, to the office, whether we’re working, planning, shopping, or just getting things done ‑ Dragon Drive brings it all together in one seamless, organized and efficient experience.

The benefit

The intelligence to know what’s next

The solution

Dragon Drive gives your assistant the voice and intelligence it needs

Nuance has been the leader in conversational interface innovation for decades. When we combine it with artificial intelligence and apply this expertise to the in-car environment, automakers and suppliers can create highly-customized solutions that offer a personalized experience for the driver and passengers – all the while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The difference

Dragon Drive isn’t just the shine on the wheels – it’s a deeply integrated solution that is customized to meet the needs of your brand and more importantly – your customers. It’s not a self-contained experience. Dragon Drive is an agnostic platform that transforms into a branded solution reflecting the millions of hours you have invested in the vehicles you make. That’s the difference. It’s your brand and your experience – you should own it. Nuance’s conversational and cognitive solutions are as much a part of your brand experience as the leather you use for your seats or the casting you use for your alternator.

BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2016
CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree
CES Innovation Awards 2015 Honoree

What makes Dragon Drive the intelligent option for your in-car assistant?

Dragon Drive gives automakers the ability to create and deliver the progressive in-car experience that drives your brand forward.

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How it works

Explore how Dragon Drive keeps drivers safe and connected.

Dragon Drive - How It Works

Dragon Drive - How It Works

Meeting the needs of a billion drivers


Dragon Drive learns preferences for safe parking and preferred cuisine, leverages information from calendar and helps drivers answer messages.

  • Parking
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Social media
  • Navigation
  • Calendar
  • Productivity

Dragon Drive enables the entire family to safely access up-to-date infotainment and robust content.

  • Parking
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Daily Organization

Dragon Drive intelligently combines navigation, charging station and vehicle sensor data to guide driver along the most optimal route.

  • Charging stations
  • Efficient driving routes
  • Traffic
  • Social media
  • Web connection

Dragon Drive combines embedded infotainment and cloud-based services so driver can check the latest traffic updates without interruption.

  • Parking
  • Traffic
  • Entertainment
  • Car controls
  • Travel information

Dragon Drive in action


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