Talks & Zooms accessibility applications

Mobile content now accessible

Nuance TALKS app for mobile handsets converts text on the screen to highly intelligible speech. Nuance ZOOMS is a sophisticated screen magnifier app. Together they provide blind and low-vision impaired individuals access to the digital world.



Amazing access

Empowering the vision impaired by providing them access to most handset features.

Highlight features
  • Home screen information
  • Contact directories
  • Caller ID
  • Calendar
  • Text messages
  • Email—via the built-in mail app
  • Web content via the Nokia web browser
  • Navigation via Nokia maps software
  • Many third-party applications

TALKS v5.50

Introducing a whole series of innovations, including support for a new generation of touchscreen phones brought by Symbian^3.

  • Better support for Standby-screen icons such as missed calls, new messages and voicemail
  • Improved focus in notifications on the Standby screen when using the Nokia theme
  • Improved virtual-keyboard support when entering a WLAN key
  • Improved recognition of North American formatted phone numbers
  • Browser: Improved recognition of page elements that can be clicked/activated
  • Email (Symbian^3): Message reading support after recent application updates
  • MP3 player (Symbian^3): Improved detection of main window to avoid repeated reading of time
  • WhatsApp: Improved recognition of additional screens

TALKS v5.31

  • Improved automatic reading of "call waiting" screen (when TALKS is muted)
  • Improved support for reading emoticons
  • Improved support for unlabeled icons in various applications
  • Improved support for recent versions of the Nokia browser (interaction with controls, etc.)
  • Improved HTML5-style controls support in the Nokia browser
  • Improved support for WhatsApp messaging software

TALKS v5.30

  • Support for Nokia Belle operating system upgrade
  • Improvements to email reading functionality such as access to links and attachments and ability to explore the Inbox View with touch
  • Improved support for Nokia Maps on touchscreen devices
  • Support for WhatsApp messaging software

Screen magnification using ZOOMS and Automation is not supported on Symbian^3 handsets.

Nuance TALKS & ZOOMS Version 5.50 is a free upgrade for all Premium Edition licenses generated after November 13, 2007. In particular, this means that it can be installed by any customer who is currently able to run version 4.11 or 5.x without requiring a new license.