Nuance mobile solutions for business

Intelligent systems for consumer devices

From Dragon Mobile Assistant and Dragon TV to Dragon Drive and more, Nuance voice, text input and natural language innovations power the intelligent systems that consumers use every day.


Connecting people with devices

Creating human connections

Our systems enable people to communicate with their devices on human terms. They understand language, manage conversations and interpret contextual information to provide the right information in the appropriate format.

The intelligence of our systems

Nuance technology is designed to interpret human forms of communication, including speech and language, visual cues and touch. Like the human brain, our intelligent systems consider context when deriving meaning—the ability to understand and respond to requests.

Any form, any factor

Our technology platform seamlessly adapts to various interfaces, creating an effortless consumer experience that transcends even the smallest screen. From voice and touch capabilities in the home and car, to cloud services for wearables, Nuance intelligent systems make the complexities of technology disappear.

Business solutions

Technology that truly understands you

Mobile apps

For work, life and play

 Dragon Mobile Assistant
Dragon Mobile Assistant

Stay connected to family and friends and access content, apps, music and much more—simply by using your voice.

 Dragon Go!
Dragon Go!

Just say what you want on the mobile web and Dragon Go! will get it for you.


With one continuous motion across the screen, input words faster and easier than typing.

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation

Speak and instantly see your text content for everything from email messages to blog posts on your iOS device.

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