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With more than 20 years of experience supporting government entities, Nuance customises AI-powered solutions to accommodate distinct objectives, priorities and budgets. Anchored by the world’s largest global professional services team, our omni-channel platform increases adoption and efficiency by optimising and securing digital, voice and outbound interactions.


Clinical documentation, coding and compliance transformed

Ease and efficiency are essential in government healthcare. By transforming the way agencies capture, manage, and use clinical data, our AI-powered solutions make it much easier for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Department of Defense Military Health System, the Indian Health Service, and other government entities to provide quality care while issuing accurate billing. Advances in clinical documentation, coding, and compliance cut costs by expediting services and minimizing error and readmission.

Dragon enterprise solutions for government

Improve efficiency across your agency

Federal agencies from social services to law enforcement face constant pressure to complete mission-critical tasks quickly, accurately and at minimal cost. In fact, inefficient or burdensome documentation processes can result in missed deadlines, inaccurate documentation, compliance risks and — in the case of law enforcement — delayed criminal proceedings.

That’s why Dragon speech recognition solutions enable government employees to create high-quality documentation 3x faster than typing; automate routine tasks using simple voice commands; and expedite form filing and report creation — all by voice. With Dragon, it’s never been easier to capture the detailed and actionable documentation necessary to government service.  

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