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It’s hard to manage an integrated care environment without complete and accurate documentation. Nuance healthcare clinical documentation solutions provide care teams that are part of a Health System with a more natural way to capture the patient story. Because when everyone has access to the same information at the same time, they’re better able to focus on what matters most—the patient.


Clinical documentation that works across the care network

Nuance solutions empower clinicians to naturally, accurately and efficiently capture, improve and communicate the patient story up front, at the point of care.


The gold standard for standardizing documentation

Clinical documentation that tells a complete story

From the first word to the last line of dictation, our solutions make documentation a natural part of clinical workflow. Your teams can use them to meet compliance and financial requirements—without ever losing focus on what matters most.


Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions translate the doctor’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative with 99% accuracy. Because Nuance integrates seamlessly with the EHR, these industry-leading applications are a smart way to address your long-term strategies of driving EHR adoption, reducing transcription costs, and increasing clinician satisfaction.

Whether you want to capture your doctor’s narrative locally or leverage the power of the cloud, Dragon Medical offers a variety of options that work—and all of them feature fast and responsive clinical speech recognition with end-to-end security. And it’s as good for your bottom line as your clinicians—single solution and bundled pricing give you the benefit of a predictable documentation costs over time.


As you continue the transition to value-based models, it’s essential that your clinical documentation accurately reflects the level of care provided. Standardizing your documentation across all care settings will help ensure you get the reimbursement you deserve in a timely manner while also helping shed light on areas for quality improvement.

Nuance’s award-winning solutions give clinicians a more efficient way to create more complete and compliant clinical documentation to ensure appropriate reimbursement for the level of care provided to patients. For over 20 years, our CDI approach, backed by the J.A. Thomas Compliant Documentation Management Program®(CDMP®), has driven guaranteed CMI improvements of 4-8%. More importantly, our unique clinically driven approach has proven to increase hospital care quality benchmarks by more than 3x the national average. Read the CareChex white paper below to learn more.

Nuance solutions also help to improve coding, downstream revenue cycle and quality-reporting processes by suggesting ICD-10 codes to CDI clarifications and using the world’s largest medical ontology rules to extract clinical information from the clinical narrative and make the data actionable. This single platform solution powers all the key steps in the value chain for computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement, quality, compliance and coding.

Nuance offers the most widely used platforms for capturing, interpreting, and reporting medical imagery. Able to support the IT infrastructure needs of large hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), we can help you facilitate the transition to value-based care models—and enable the shift toward Imaging 3.0™.

The Nuance PowerShare Network provides easy access and HIPAA-compliant sharing of medical data for expedited care whether it’s needed in remote facilities, busy ERs or the ICU. In dispersed care environments, this real-time image and data sharing has led to increased referrals and better overall coordination of care.

At the radiologist’s workstation, PowerScribe 360 enables streamlined report creation with voice recognition, critical test results management, and performance analysis. Pulling directly from the PowerShare Network, PowerScribe 360 gives your teams real time communication and faster access to prior exams from outside facilities.

There are still times when medical transcription is the most efficient way to document the patient story. That’s why Nuance offers clinicians the option of using our transcription platform or outsourcing to us completely. Either way, because our solutions are built on our industry-leading clinical language understanding technology, 90% of the dictated volume is computer processed. Transcriptionists only have to edit—decreasing turnaround time while reducing human error.

Outsourcing transcription to Nuance gives you peace of mind. Already processing 5 billion lines of transcription annually, we can free up valuable time for your department to focus on other priorities.

This single platform solution powers all the key steps in the value chain for computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement, quality, compliance and coding.

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