Professional services – Expert team accelerating adoption and ROI

Professional services for hospitals

Delivering ‘First-Time Right’ principles and deriving maximum value for hospitals from the outset.


Professional services tailored for NHS Trusts

With many years of practical experience, our professional services team understands NHS challenges and provides tailored services to meet the needs of individual hospital trusts. Our aim is to ensure successful and optimised usage of our solutions within the shortest time possible. Included in this service are various training options, including ‘train the trainer’ where we transfer our skills to your team early in the project until you become self-sufficient.

3x reasons why professional services are important:

  1. Increase clinician confidence and buy-in from initial use
  2. Minimise project timescales and reduce the need for in-house Trust resources
  3. Optimise, specialty-specific, workflows that help accelerate return on investment (ROI)


Nuance technical experts work hand-in-hand with hospital staff

Our project methodology has been refined throughout many years of deploying clinical speech recognition solutions to thousands of clinicians across the NHS. We work closely with hospital trusts to understand goals and requirements and to tailor our solutions and delivery strategy to the needs of the individual Trust. We carry out analyses of EPR and other clinical system’s workflows to ensure maximum optimisation is being achieved.


Effective installations and deployments

Our professional services team understand how to get the most out of our solutions. We help hospital trusts identify where the benefits of our speech recognition solutions will be generated and key areas of focus that are most crucial for success.

Support & optimise

Going way beyond "set it and forget it"

As part of Nuance’s Customer Success Organisation, we provide NHS Trusts with benefits realisation reporting and analytics, throughout the lifetime of the contract. We help hospital trusts to demonstrate benefits, measure ROI, and respond to changes in behaviour and adoption, month by month and year on year.

1. Determine project goals and success criteria

2. Manage implementation, developing team talent and capabilities

3. Measure and drive solution adoption and utilisation

4. Ensure end-user satisfaction from the deployed solution/s

5. Identify opportunities to improve and optimise workflows

What our customers are saying

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