Success story—Dragon Medical One ends costly documentation outsourcing

Speech recognition helps East Kent streamline clinical documentation

Dragon Medical One speech recognition ends costly reliance on outsourcing clinical documentation.

Greater efficiency at less cost

Without enough support to transcribe patient notes or write follow up letters, the Trust was relying on outsourcing to costly transcription agencies. The need for greater efficiency at less cost led to the integration of Nuance’s Dragon Medical One AI‑powered speech recognition.

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Due to a shortage of hospital admin support to help with clinical documentation transcription, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust needed to streamline processes, eradicating costly outsourcing while ensuring the production of accurate and detailed patient notes, to meet NHS seven‑day turnaround guidelines.


AI-powered speech recognition software was introduced; an end‑to‑end solution creating accurate and detailed notes that integrate with electronic health records.


Around 80% of transcription workflow is now handled through speech recognition. This has provided financial savings as well as improved patient care. Predicted savings over five years are £2.3M and documentation turnaround times are an average of under five days. Instant documentation is leading to better communication with GPs, multidisciplinary teams and patients, and fewer delays to care.


of transcription workflow is handled through Dragon Medical One


million savings predicted over five years


of dictated documents were finalised in less than two days

Dragon helps our clinical staff create a more accurate and complete record of patient consultations, and ultimately that will lead to better outcomes and experiences for the people we care for.

—Andrew Barker

IT Director
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

We have freed up financial resources that can be invested in other areas of the Trust, especially for teams that are delivering direct patient care.

—Andrew Barker

IT Director
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

The project has brought the Trust a “Highly Commended” in 2021 UK IT Industry Awards as “Best Healthcare Sector IT Project of the Year”.

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