PowerScribe One radiology workflow and reporting solution

Drive workflow efficiency and reporting accuracy with PowerScribe One

Achieve new levels of accuracy, quality, and performance with PowerScribe One powered by superior cloud speech and clinical language understanding technology.

Next‑generation radiology reporting

PowerScribe One's new interface and architecture harness cloud, AI, and structured data to streamline workflow, improve radiologist satisfaction, and enhance patient care.


Deliver an unrivalled radiology reporting experience with PowerScribe One

Powerful, AI‑driven capabilities augment and automate your radiology reporting for improved performance. Language understanding and cloud‑hosted speech in Australia provide unparalleled recognition—without local profile training and maintenance.

Reduce fatigue fwith a simplified, modernised look and feel. A new dark/light mode harmonises the reading environment and a better layout making navigation easier.

Boost quality with real‑time clinical intelligence and information access. An automated, in‑line alerts minimise errors and inconsistencies.


Numerous capabilities designed for you, to assist you in the reporting workflow

The Power of One

Harness the latest advances in technology to deliver value

The power of structured data

Continuous learning and context-aware language understanding convert text into structured data to expand interoperability and automate report creation.

The power of AI-driven workflow

Advanced language understanding delivers real-time clinical intelligence and is uniquely integrated into workflow to improve efficiency and throughput, increase accuracy, and ensure consistency.

The power of cloud speech technology

Voice-driven reports with cloud speech tuned for radiology and hosted on Microsoft Azure data centres in Australia. Cloud speech eliminates speech server and maintenance of profiles. Adoption accelerates with no need for local profile as well in maintaining templates and procedure codes.

Complementary solution

Solutions for expanded functionality

Get even more value with analytics and performance solutions.


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Achieve unparalleled levels of workflow efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

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