Dragon Dictation

Stop typing, and start speaking

Use your voice to dictate a text message or email, create Facebook status updates or a tweet, and anything in between. Simply speak and see your text content appear. Download Dragon Dictation for iOS now.



What can you say?

Just about anything. Dragon Dictation recognizes and transcribes your words at lightning speed, and gives you the flexibility to dictate for any situation.

  • Speak your tweets and status updates
  • Speak and type and send an email
  • Send texts and emails up to 5 times faster than typing
  • Easily dictate personal notes and reminders
What can you say?
 And so much more

And so much more

Voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard. Convenient editing feature that provides a list of suggested words.

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