Dragon Mobile Assistant

Simplify your mobile life

Dictate an email, check traffic and weather, share your location and do much more—simply by speaking. Or auto-switch to eyes-free access on the go. Just a few of the smart, customizable features in Dragon Mobile Assistant, designed for how you live, work and play.


Control your mobile world with your voice

The content and connections you want are simply a few words away. Send an email, search the mobile web or update your social networks—simply by speaking.

Customizable and responsive to you

Personalize Dragon Mobile Assistant with Nuance Voiceprint, which enables you to customize your device to your voice. Automatic hands-free Driver Mode sensor. Voice notifications of incoming calls. Customizable wake-up-word. Dragon Mobile Assistant is smart and more customizable to suit your personal needs.

Easy anytime, anywhere access and control

Nuance’s powerful voice recognition gives you full command and control of your mobile device so you can accomplish tasks easily and quickly. Stay connected, access content and more—no matter where life takes you.

Intelligent features

Voice Biometrics
Voice Biometrics

Unlock Dragon Mobile Assistant with your unique and personalized Nuance Voiceprint. Voice Biometrics allows you to program Dragon Mobile Assistant so that only you can unlock your device with your voice.

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Set up Voice Biometrics with these quick, easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Wake-up > Create Nuance Voiceprint
  2. Follow the instructions to create your own Nuance Voiceprint.
Customizable Wake-up word
Customizable wake-up word

Choose how you wake up your Dragon with a customizable wake-up word. "Hi Dragon," "What’s up" or "Hello Dolly." Whatever wake-up word you choose, Dragon is ready to respond.

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Create your wake-up word in three easy steps:

  1. Open Dragon and go to Settings.
  2. Choose Customized Wake-Up Phrase and type in the new phrase you would like to use in place of the preset "Hello Dragon.” This phrase could be anything you choose. We recommend at least two to three syllables, such as "Hello My Friend,” or "Wake-up Sammy."
  3. Press OK. Now the next time you are looking to activate Dragon Mobile Assistant, say the phrase you selected, and Dragon is ready to help whenever and wherever you need it.
Driver Mode Auto Detect
Driver Mode auto-detect

When Dragon Mobile Assistant senses you’re in a moving vehicle, it immediately switches to hands-free/eyes-free mode, keeping you connected in a safer, smarter way.

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Set Driver Mode to auto-detect in these five easy steps:

  1. Open Dragon.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Auto-Enable Driver Mode.
  4. Select instances when you want Driver Mode enabled—you can choose from While Driving, On Wired Headset, On Bluetooth and In Car Dock.
  5. Press OK to save, and you're ready to go.
Email Dictation
Email dictation

Need to send an email quickly? With email dictation, Dragon lets you use your voice to create an email. No typing or stopping required.

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Send emails by voice in a few simple steps:

  1. Ask Dragon to "Send an email."
  2. Dragon will ask to whom you would like to send an email. Simply tell Dragon the name of the contact, such as "Nicole."
  3. Dragon will then prompt you for the subject of the email. Tell Dragon the subject, such as "Friday's meeting."
  4. Dictate to Dragon what you would like in the body of the email when Dragon asks, "What is the message?”
  5. Tell Dragon to “send” once you've completed speaking your email, and it will be on its way.
Voice Notifications
Voice notifications

Dragon Mobile Assistant will read aloud your Facebook status updates, messages, incoming calls, alerts and upcoming appointments. You can also respond to any of these activities using your voice.

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Set voice notifications with these quick, easy steps:

  1. Open Dragon and click Settings.
  2. Select Read Out Notifications.
  3. Click Notifications To Read, and select what features you want read aloud—including Incoming Call Name, Calendar Reminders, Facebook Notifications, and Facebook Newsfeed.
  4. Click OK to save, and you're ready to go.
More features
More features

Learn about the many other capabilities Dragon Mobile Assistant lets you accomplish with a quick voice command.

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Location sharing

Just tell Dragon to share your location, and Dragon will send a text with a link to your location on a map. Or ask Dragon where your friends are to see them on a map.

Calendar events

Create calendar events quickly and easily through simple, conversational phrases, and Dragon will keep you on schedule.

Maps & Directions

Never lose your sense of direction with the Maps & Directions feature. It can help guide you to addresses and points of interest quickly with just a few words.

Dragon Go! search

Find a restaurant on Yelp, check out movies times on Fandango and track down the latest viral video on YouTube with simple phrases using the award-winning Dragon Go! directed search experience.

Open apps

Scrolling through your library of apps can be quite cumbersome, especially if you're an app addict—so why not use your voice to find it? With Dragon you can open any app, anytime—just tell it what you want.


Now you'll have a hassle-free wake-up without having to lift a finger. You can set alarms simply by speaking. Say “Hello Dragon” to activate the Dragon Mobile Assistant app. Then tell Dragon to “Set an alarm for 7am tomorrow.”

Landscape mode

You can now set your device to landscape mode and interact hands-free, enhancing your Dragon Mobile Assistant experience. This is especially helpful when in Driver Mode.

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