Swype for Android

Type fast, Swype faster

Swype replaces the on-screen keyboard for smartphones and tablets, and with one continuous motion across the screen, its patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier. Now available in Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

How to use it

Three reasons to love Swype


Say hello to the fastest keyboard on the planet

Bilingual support

Want to Swype in two languages at the same time? No problem. Swype users can now enter words from two languages at once.

Living Language

Swype users can now opt in to stay up to date with trending words like "Cumberbatch." Swype’s Living Language feature gathers and updates user dictionaries with the latest global trending words by crowd-sourcing the language. Go to Swype Settings > Language Options and enable Living Language to be in the know.

Swype Gestures
Swype Gestures
Dragon dictation

Dragon’s world-renowned voice recognition lets you go hands-free and turns your voice to text quickly and accurately with a simple press of the Dragon flame. And if you also happen to be a Dragon Mobile Assistant, simply Swype from the Swype Key to the Dragon Flame on the keyboard and voila! Your personal mobile assistant is at your command.

Personal dictionary backup and sync

Swype backs up and syncs personal dictionaries across multiple mobile devices. So now when nicknames like "Ollie" are added to a mobile phone, that word will be automatically added to the personal dictionary on a tablet as well as all other registered devices.

Swype Gestures

And it gets smarter

Swype Personal Language Model
Swype Auto-correction
Swype Phrase Correction


We’re here to help. Have questions? Take a look through our Support section for frequently asked questions, tips and related videos to help you get the most out of Swype.

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